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We know it has the potential to increase in value exponentially over time. While your Forex Trading Account is growing, you don’t want to lose on the potential increase in value of your crypto portfolio. So, we have created an option where you can leverage your Crypto portfolio to deposit into your forex account, while retaining the increased value your crypto may recieve over time. This is one of our strategic partners we have been working with since their inception in 2017. They’re a leader in the crypto lending space with Bank Grade security, regulated and established.

It’s called Coinloan and you can get your INSTANT crypto loan at fair rates RIGHT HERE now.

Also, for those of you with substantial holdings, you may want to be a lender. You can do that too.

Simply, go to the form below and enter your loan request amount and terms, see your rates in the loan estimate window, and if it makes sense, execute your exchange.

You can follow the prompts to complete your loan. It’s a simple process you will appreciate. However, If you have any questions about Coinloan, please see the FAQ section in the Help Center at the bottom of their screen below. We know this will be a huge help for you and we are happy to provide this solution.

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