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Our platform provides world class Forex education services with testing and Certifications of Completion, which also serve as PlanBtrader Equity Certificates.

Planbtrader provides a variety of rewards and bonuses for completing and testing including equitable exchange on your certificate of completion and an opportunity to to receive a crown award.

Our coursework is designed to take the student from absolute beginner, to qualified trader with the ability to successfully raise capital, trade and manage one, or a portfolio of accounts.


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30 Day Launch Plan
$ 89
  • Full Education Portal Access
  • Live Trading Training
  • Affiliate Sales Funnel

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90 Day to 100k Plan
$ 299
  • Full Education Portal Access
  • Live Trading Training
  • Full Marketing Suite Access

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Pro Players
$ 4997
  • Pro FX Trading Course
  • 7 Figure Trading Course
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High Ticket & Auto Trade
$ 9997
  • High Ticket Option Features
  • Auto Trade
  • Live Sessions
We are the leading Forex education platform, built by traders for traders to scale to the income and asset growth level of their dreams. 
We have designed each of our innovative courses to narrow down to one specific topic. We break that topic into several bullet points and respective lessons, including real world examples to give our beginners a point of reference or framework to see the topic through. 
Once your course is complete, you will take a short test or quiz to certify that you have full understanding of the content of the course. At that point you will be ready to move on to your next course in the Legacy Academy certification courses. 

Each certification will not only certify your ability to digest information and make choices guided by the knowledge you have recieved, but also, will have an economic value in the PlanBTrader ecosystem in the form of digital currency.


Each Certificate you recieve will serve as a PlanBTrader equity certificate, which you will have the ability to exchange for value in your trade account. 


We are the only Forex trade academy offering this benefit to our members and students.

Planbtrader is organized into 6 main sectors as follows:

  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Credit and Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Stocks [COMING SOON!]
  • Commodities [COMING SOON!]

We have one goal in mind for our students: Winning! 

Once you have started your course, feel free to join our live trading sessions with one of our 7 figure traders. They will allow you to look over thier shoulder and see the knowledge in action. This will make it all come together for you! 

Any issues you may have with signing up or purchasing your course: 

Please send an email to support@planbtrader.com 

We are always here to assist. Happy Trading! 

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